Project Controls

The IMCO project control process fully integrates accounting, scheduling, estimating and cost reporting software. All of this information is easily accessed by the entire project management team and allows budget and cost information to be seamlessly shared to provide real-time cost reporting. 

Estimating System: IMCO’s HCSS Heavy Bid estimating system is used to create milestone cost estimates and is used for all IMCO estimating. The system is extremely easy to review. Our team can display our estimate in real time. When estimating in a collaborative environment our system allows review of as much or as little detail as needed by the team to perform reconciliation, review “what-if” scenarios, and discuss budget issues. 

Estimate Quality: Estimating and executing tight scheduling and sequencing is our business, and it has been for over 30 years. We have intimate knowledge of diverse scopes of work. IMCO’s experience provides a solid foundation to develop and provide detailed and accurate cost estimates. We have the ability to anticipate problems and solutions from incomplete design documents  in order to determine complete scopes of work.

Subcontractor/Supplier Management: IMCO routinely manages dozens of subcontractors at once on a project. We review hundreds of subcontractor bid submittals to determine the most responsive proposals for scopes of work required. Our team actively monitors subcontractor performance, schedule progress, and manpower on the job.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control: QA/QC is customized for each project to meet the needs of IMCO's clients and the project scope and scale. If applicable, a dedicated full-time Quality Control Coordinator is onsite to ensure work is constructed to the quality standards desired by the client. Our team believes in appropriate authority and accountability. An outside firm is brought in to oversee QA/QC when beneficial. Our QA/QC plan ensures: project teams are addressing the risks to quality for each scope of work; quality documentation is appropriately handled; approved submittals are in place prior to fieldwork and work is performed in accordance; fieldwork is reviewed and approved by a QA/QC Coordinator; any deficiencies are identified, tracked and repaired.

Daily Cost Tracking: Our teams provide daily cost reports and cost tracking, for internal use and for clients review. This includes detailed breakdowns of labor, equipment, material, and subcontractor costs. Our Heavy Job software tracks all costs and generates customized daily reporting to meet the needs of our clients. Actual versus budgeted costs can be reviewed and provided to clients on a daily basis.

Schedule Management: The schedule management strategy is deeply rooted in the culture of IMCO. We strive to complete our work ahead of schedule. Every member of the project team will commit themselves to deliver projects as efficiently as possible. We develop schedules that include each key activity, decision points, approval processes, and milestones for a project. We develop the logic to create the critical path of the project and then track each of those processes to completion. Our team can provide daily, weekly and monthly reporting to clients showing if work is ahead or behind schedule, which way it is trending, the status of activities, and activities that are nearing start-up. IMCO teams will even build schedules that track to the nearest hour to assist in managing short duration shutdowns. Our reporting standards are designed to put necessary scheduling information into the hands of decision makers on the project, to increase accountability, and to complete our work ahead of schedule. 

Scheduling Systems: IMCO’s Primavera scheduling system is the most powerful construction-scheduling tool available, and our team is very competent and comfortable using it. Our schedules are updated weekly to ensure milestones are met and to add additional detail, activities and constraints as needed. Resource loading our schedules allows IMCO to perform earned value analysis, which are used to manage all performance.