Tools & Technology


IMCO is dedicated to technologic advancements and utilizes the latest software and hardware in the office and in the field. Our clients benefit with on-the-spot information and service. Our global technology enables immediate mobilization.
Collaboration, teamwork and efficiency are key to the success of our projects. IMCO’s Technology department has all the tools needed to keep our projects up to date and delivered on time.

Trimble GPS

IMCO is one of the largest consumers of GPS information technology in the state of Washington, offering live data reports at IMCO job sites. Benefits include:
     Instant onsite feedback that reduces waste and adds control over project schedules.
     Enhanced grade accuracy to within 1/100th of a foot tolerance.
     No construction staking required.
     Computerized accuracy, for better value and lower costs to clients.

Laser Scanning & UAV Technology

IMCO uses point cloud data acquired from UAVs and a Phase Based Laser Scanner. The data from these different platforms can be combined and used from the beginning bid process, during construction phase and for the final As-builts delivered for projects. This allows IMCO to have a complete history of the project when completed.
Having the ability to quickly acquire data during the construction phase for design checks, post construction and lift plans has been key to the success of our projects.              

yellow grader with GPS gear and red train and industrial plant in background


IMCO equipment is kept in accordance to our strict maintenance programs, reflecting our standards of quality. All IMCO equipment is outfitted with state-of-the-art GPS technology.

Speciality equipment: IMCO owns the only Robovibe west of the Mississippi. We specialize in pile driving and this piece of gear allows us to perform pile driving in even the most inaccessible locations.

3D Modeling BIM/CIM

From the bid process to full BIM models, 3D Modeling has become an integral part of IMCO’s daily operations. IMCO teams use a variety of design and construction software including Civil 3D, Navisworks and Trimble Business Center to integrate 3D models in to our daily operations.
The ability for our field personnel to work with a 3D model allows them to see what they are constructing with a better perspective, reduces the possibility for mistakes, increases productivity, and helps ensure accuracy of fieldwork. IMCO project teams use BIM in lieu of coordinated shop drawings. This allows dramatic time-savings and heightened accuracy.

Guided Machine Control

IMCO is one of the largest users of Trimble Engineering and Construction Systems in the state of Washington. These systems include the most current Robotic Theodolites, Survey Grade GPS, and Machine Control Systems.